(11-04-2020  with pedigre)
On april 11 - 2020 was born Tres , first of a litter of 6 puppies. She's the daughter out of the marriage between Nhya and Bayaz. For more information abaut the parents and the first months of Tres : consult our page "our fifth litter".

Tres , newly born

She wil assure our kennel Gawa Dolma to continue. She is kind , vivid and plenty of character and a great member of the pack. Mama Nhya as wel as granny Jeannie are fond of her and also when Rhumi comes along,we are experiencing "happy hour " at our home !!!

Tres with her mama and grandma

Tres already past some hollidays with us in Holland and it went very well in the camper with the 4 other TT's. Also she is doing very well during our walks and it seems she is crazy of water ..... She became a full member of our pack.

Some more pictures