caracteristics of the breed

 What follows is an enumeration of the most important caracteristics


Medium sized , male-dog between 35,5 and 40,5cm and bitches a little smaller. A lot of fur. Lenght between schoulder and tail is equal to their hight (square dog). A sturdy and compact dog. Paws are parallel and straight down. Weight between 8 and 14 kg (preference : between 9,5 and 11kg).   Age : 14-15 years.(on average)


Modest with strong nose. Skull is neighter round nor flat . Big ,round, brown eyes with dark rimms. Ears in v-form with a lot of hair, hanging close to the head. Nose is always black. Beard is not to long.


Smooth, effortless with a powerfull drive. Front- and back-paws must be alligned while walking.


Medium length, set on high and carried on the back. Hairy and a white colored end of the tail is one of the caracteristics.


Large,flat and round. They stand on their pads and not on their toes,like other dogs do. Hairy between the toes , they act as snowboots. Rear-legs a little longer than the front-legs witch is a good help to climb rocks.


Double coated fur. Woolly under fur. Long, human-like, upper-hair almost reaching to the ground. Hair covers the snout but long lashes keep the eyes clear, what makes that the Tibetan Terriers have a good sight.
They don't rack. All the colors and combination of colors are ok,except chocolat (these dogs also have a brown nose).