SAPHIRA  (12/05/2007-  09/01/2021)  

                               ( 'g saphira de la vallee celeste )

Pictures parents Saphira <----(click)


Now it was time for a Tibetan Terrier "pure blood"  (with pedigree). Searching the internet we found the kennel "La Valée Celeste" at Liege. Checking out there site and :  yes!!! they have a litter.

So we went to Liege and seeing those little teddybears our hart melted for Saphira. We couldn't wait for 5 more weeks and so we drove several times to the kennel to be able to touch and feel and smell our little angel. Finally after 8 weeks she came at our house.


She arrived at our home after the death of Max and she have grown up with Lizzy. This wasn't always easy! Lizzy needed some time to accept Saphira but once this issue was taken care of they became best friends.They ran and jumped along the garden. After some time Saphira got the strange habit to literaly trow herself into the same plant , poor plant!!


Later on ,after the death of Lizzy and when Jeannie was part of our family for some months, Saphira profiled herself as the pack-leader.Jeannie never had a problem with it and so they play, sleep and eat together without competition between themselves.

At morning Saphira gets a "morning-greating" from Jeannie and Kayla and she likes it a lot.If she wants a goodie she barks in a special way and immediately our 2 other dogs are inviting us to the "goodie-closet" They communicate this way about several things ,and each time you hear tiny differences in the way they bark , really interesting! They act like a little family,incredible !!