Tibetan Terriers have a double fur, against there skin they have wooly hair and on top of this : long hair with "human-hair" structure.
Because of this he needs an adapted grooming. At least once a week you have to comb their hair. How to proceed : lay your dog on his side and comb with a little comb (foto 1) or flexible brush (foto 2) their hair in layers (foto 6) and this beginning from the bottom and going to the top. The purpose is to clear out the wooly fur. Afterwoods you brush the upper hair (foto 3). To do the head and paws you can order your dog to sit. When the hair is entangled , remove this with the point of the comb (foto 1), do it bit by bit and don't force anything. If you see the dog gets nervous, stop and move to another place of his body to brush.




On his back you have to separate the hair in the middle so that the separation follows his spine (foto 5). To get the best results put your dog on a table or,even better, on a special show-table ( foto 4 and 5). Remain calm and be sure your dog is in a calm state of mind to, so this will be a pleasant event.

 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      5          


Afterwoods, remove the death hair out of his ears and also check the hair around his anus. Because of their long hair, sometimes a little bit of pooh remains in it. Cut it away with a pair of cissors.
After walks check their fur for all kinds of objects ( twigs , leafs ..) sticking into it and if so, remove them. That way the fur of your dog stays in optimal condition.
Shaving or trimming is STRICKTLY FORBIDDEN because it ruins the structure of their hair !!!
Also check their eyes and remove dust and dried tears with a cloth going from the corner of the eye towards the nose.