Nhya (10-06-2014) with pedigre

                                   nhya  gawa-dolma


Nhya is our latest Tibetan , a puppy of Jeannie's second litter, and a little darling!! She is the busy-one and keeps our other dogs active! She already went several times at see with us. The first time was a little overwelming, but later on the chase at the shell's was opened.

October 2014 : her first great walk-about with all the other Tibetan Terriers of the club. This was a special experience for Nhya but after some time she liked it.

Her first show was in Brussels on the 6th of december. She got a "very promessing" of the judge!!

Her second show was in mai 2015, her she got a "exellent" and finished second.

July 2015 we went for 3 weeks to Sweden with our dogs. Everything just went fine and our doggies had a good time.