Kayla (15/01/2011 -  23/12/2022 )   with  pedigree

                           ( Kayla cun wa namba )


It was always our desire to keep 3 Tibetan Terriers. We already have a black one and a white one , so we tought : it's time for a brown one. We went back to the kennel Cun Wa Namba and so Kayla arrived at our home.

She was the darkest bitch out of a litter of 4 puppys and she was a sweet , soft teddybear!  At our home she immediately was best friends with our 2 other Tibetans. After some weeks Kayla profiled herself as a play-buddy for Jeannie and a loyal servant to Saphira.

Where-ever you see Jeannie , you see Kayla and they "horse around" the yard  and the house , but ..when Saphira makes a noise they stand immediately besides her to look wat's happening and to assist her. So as you can read we are very lucky with our little family and...happy dogs ----> happy owners !!!