about us


Hi, let me introduce ourselves : we are Patricia Wastiels and Wim Van Diest and with us live our 4 Tibetan Terriers ; Saphira de le Valée Celeste ( the black one); Jeannie Cun Wa Namba ( the white one); Kayla Cun Wa Namba (the brown one) and n°4 : Nhya Gawa Dolma (black and white) who is a daughter of Jeannie. Our fifth one is Rhumi,she is a daughter of Nhya her fourth litter. On april 11 , 2020 , Tres became a part of our family as the first born of the fifth litter.
Adress : Rodenemplein 16 - 1500 Halle - Belgium







Our first contact with Tibetan Terriers came after the death of our first dog, a Briard. We always liked to have several dogs but considering the size of a Briard this was not possible for us. So now we were looking for a "downsized" Briard and with some help of our vet we got in touch with a breader of Tibetan Terriers. We immediately fell in love with these funny dogs and so Lizzy joined our family in August 1997, followed by Max in September 1998. (these are the 2 dogs in front of us in the picture, Lizzy is the gold-one and Max is the black-one).
There devotion , friendship and playfulness are the reason we bought 3 more Tibetans later on : Saphira, Jeannie and Kayla.Our dogs are part of our family and live with us as full members of it. Where-ever we go they are going too and this makes that we have a very special connection with them. It's not without a reason Tibetan Terriers are called in Tibet: "little humans" .  Frankly spoken , in a way they behave as humans.
We cannot immagine a live without our "little humans" !!!