origine of the breed

First of all I want to explane the word "Terrier" in their name : when the Tibetan Terrier came to Europe at the beginning of the 20th century and they wanted to start a pedigree , nobody knew exactly what kind of dog it was. Because of it's resemblance with a Terrier they added the word Terrier to his land of birth ,Tibet, and the breed "Tibetan Terrier" was born.
In fact the Tibetan Terrier is a little sheppard dog who leads goats in the mountains of Tibet, that's why you find him , at official shows, classified under the "company-dogs".
The origine of the Tibetan Terrier lays in Tibet and he is generaly used as a goat-scheppard. Because of his strenght , flexibility and his wisdom he is extremely adapted to jump on and of the rocks in Tibet and guide the goats to their stables.
Another domain they are used for is : an efficient alarm-system !! The Tibetan monks are using the natural urge of the dog to jump on the roofs of the houses to learn the dog to watch-out for approaching enemys. Then the monks send out the larger Tibetan Mastiffs to chase the ennemy.

Their natural kindness towards humans and the fact Tibetan Terriers are like gods in Tibet made that the monks gave them away as a  present to visitors. That way the first Tibetan Terriers arrived in Europe along with dr. Greig around 1930.
The Tibetan Terrier is one of the oldest breeds and is raised for over 3000 years. In spite of this he still has the original caracteristics of the breed.
The Tibetan name of the dog is : DHOKI APSO.

Dr.Greig with some of the first Tibetan Terriers in Europe.(her own breed, around 1930)