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With this website we would like to get you acquainted with our Tibetan Terriers. We started with our website in april 2012 and it wil be regularly updated , so do return here now and then and visit our site !!
First we will explain to you what means "Gawa-Dolma" : Gawa Dolma is the Tibetan goddes of spiritual liberation.
This is a perfect description of a Tibetan Terrier because by means of their way of behaving with people and their happy appearance they calme you and releave you from your daily stress. This way they make you happy and at that moment they are happy too.
We are also member of the Belgium Tibetan Terrier Club :     www.tibetanterrierclub.be
Along with the other clubmembers we participate at multiple walks trough the countrysite , accompanied by a drink and a diner. It's always a view when 40 dogs and their owners are passing by.
Each year the club organizes a "clubspecial" : this is an official show where you are able to show your dog and to get some proffessional opinion considering your dog , very entertaining.
Further on you can find some general info on Tibetan Terriers and our own dogs. If you wish some additional info send us an e-mail and we will answer you !! (e-mail adress : vandiestwastiels@gmail.com )
Thanks for your interest and have fun !!